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For new languages, please download (right-click and "Save As") this file in the same directory with SIW.
This is a plain UNICODE text file.

Edit the file with notepad or another plain text editor (do NOT use Word, Wordpad or similar), and translate all the sentences AFTER the '=' character.
Keep the special characters ('\t', '\n', '%s', '%d' etc.) unchanged!
The "//" marks a line as a comment, don't translate this sign!
You must not wrap long lines. Keep them on a single line.
The translated file must be saved as UNICODE.

Please let us know if some items (labels, buttons, etc.) need to be enlarged.
Once the translation file is finished and widely tested, please send it to and I will include it in the next release of SIW.
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Language   Translated by Translated
 Bulgarian  Български    25%
 Catalan  Català   Benny Beat 55%
 Chinese Simplified  中文简体   Cloud 49%
 Chinese Traditional  繁體中文   koko 38%
 Czech  Cesky   Ondrej Šebesta 72%
 Danish  Dansk   Jørgen Haahr and Jørgen Rasmussen 62%
 Dutch  Nederlands   Gideon van Melle, Busselot Norbert and Jan Verheijen 95%
 French  Français   Yann and Lucien 57%
 German  Deutsch   Volker Regenfelder 72%
 Greek  Eλληνικά   Yiannis Koniaris 82%
 Hebrew  עברית   Tom Glazer 36%
 Hungarian  Magyar   herka 48%
 Indonesian  Bahasa Indonesia   elda taluta 69%
 Italian  Italiano   Giacomo Margarito Giacomo & Hexaae & Luca Longone & bovirus 96%
 Japanese  日本語   Hiroshi Sasaki 51%
 Norwegian  Norsk   Rune Gangstø 55%
 Polish  Polski   TC UP Team 36%
 Portuguese, Brazilian  Português do Brasil   Valdinei Ruella 56%
 Romanian  Română   Sorinel Cristescu 51%
 Russian  Русский   Andrey Sergunov and Galina Louniakova 75%
 Slovak  Slovenský   Miroslav Šido and Marián Hikaník 74%
 Slovenian  Slovenian   Jadran Rudec 87%
 Spanish  Español   David Santaolalla, Juan Rodríguez Parra and Flacman 66%
 Swedish  Svenska 37%
 Turkish  Turkce   Cemal Dursun 56%
 Ukrainian  Українська   Alexey Lugin 59%